Monday, January 26, 2009

Back from CES 2009

There was a lot to see at this years Computer and Electronics Show (CES) from Las Vegas. Look to see in home 3D movies and gaming in the future.
From Sony the VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC was compact in size and sleek looking. The 9.65" x 4.72" size makes this device easy to take anywhere with you. The PC on display at the show was connected via built in Verizon 3G broadband connectivity. There was no lag when surfing the few pages while testing. This PC is available for pre-order now.
The Motosurf A3100 from Motorola is a nice looking phone. This device has touch screen and can be used in landscape mode also. First impression was it looked like a new age Sidekick. The Motosurf is being launched in Europe and Asia before coming to the United States in late 2009 or early 2010.

AT&T and now Sprint to layoff!

From Reuters today. Sprint is laying off 8,000 jobs in a cost cutting effort. In the same article it was noted that last month AT&T was going to eliminate about 12,000 jobs.

No news yet on if Verizons aquisition of Alltel will lead to lost jobs due to job redundancy.